Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Week 29

Really?!? Stoked.

Tapering continues, 11hrs of SBR this week: Swim 3x3500m, Bike 4hrs 45mins and Run 3hrs 15mins.  Longest session, 2.5hrs, piece of cake!

and I may have one afterward
This is the point when I begin to question the preparation: 'is 3wks too long to taper?' 'only one 20mi run, should I have done more?' 'have I prepared enough hills for this course?' etc.  These questions run rampant day and night, at work, training and rest, but I answer each one with resounding positivity and confidence, 'I stuck to the program, experienced the physical and mental pain and pushed through it, so I'm ready.'

Maybe the biggest question is my decision to skip the 2hr run last Sunday.  I was exhausted after the Hampton swim, so decided to do the high rpm bike and skip the run.  This is when logging workouts with Garmin comes in handy; last Sunday over 20miles, previous 18.25, before that 2 at 16 and before that 15, 14... yeah, I'm ready.

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