Thursday, 21 July 2011

And down

What would this roller coaster ride be without a few bumps at the end?

Around 4pm, I started feeling sick: light headed, bottomless stomach and dry and scratchy throat.  I went for a quick walk, some fresh air, then sat back down at my desk and started taking on fluids, 'after all, I still have to train today'.

Feeling better a few hours later, I headed out ready for a swim and run session.

At the pool, 900m in, I stopped for a brief break, and it hit me again.  I noticed my soar throat and negative feelings surrounding my body.  A split second later, I was out of the water and had decided to call it a day, 'The main point of the next 10 days is to first rest and second keep the body moving.  You'll be fine to skip this session, get rest and get the body moving again tomorrow morning'.

Now 9pm, having laid in bed for the last 90mins, feeling a bit better, dinner time and back to sleep.  Tomorrow morning will start a better day,

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