Sunday, 3 July 2011

Finish off the week

'At this time in 4wks, I'll be racing.'

These thoughts ran wild as I mounted the bike this morning.  Thankfully, my legs will be much more rested on race day.  The first five mins were a struggle, quads heavy as steel beams and throwing in the towel crossed my mind more than once.  Knowing that is not an option, I headed for Regents Park, 6 laps and heading home.

Out on the run, I told myself to relax, enjoy it, no need to push, its a Z1-Z2 run.  15mins in, light headed.  Not sure where it came from, sun was out but not overpowering like last week, but I assumed it was hydration-related, so I sped up my drinking schedule (normally a sip every 5mins) and 30mins later my focus was back.  I made my way through Hampstead Heath, a highlight of the week.

Eventually home, time for re-hydration.  In the 4hrs after finishing, I downed 5L of drink (2 Lucozade Lite, 1 Powerade Isotonic, 1 Powerade Ion and water w/ electrolytes).  Re-hydrating has become a major task over the last few weeks, and I'm certainly not complaining because it means we have more sun, but it has added a new challenge to recovery.

Having covered 152mi (246km) this weekend, I'm now glued to the couch, watched the Wimbledon final, a bit of reading, maybe a nap then time to prep for the week.

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