Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Feeling good

As the miles fall, my performance rises.  The last few sessions have been some of the best and my energy levels are rising exponentially day-by-day.

Random Updates
- I've stopped using the heart rate monitor: (i) by now I know where my heart rate is relative to effort, (ii) the monitor is correct about half the time and (iii) it drives me nuts when it gives incorrect readings.
- Calf still improving, but not perfect and a return visitor to the aches & pains section, my back is tightening up again.  I think this is the result of this weekend's swim, even more time with the foam roller
- Reducing calorie intake in-line with lower training volume, avg. daily intake around 3000-3500, not easy after constantly eating every day for the last 8wks, but I've been disciplined so far.
- Time to start race visualization
- Hard to believe there's only 3 more swim sessions before race day!

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