Sunday, 17 July 2011

And again

Ironman record smashed at Challenge Roth last weekend, and this time both the male and female marks were beaten.

Chrissie Wellington, a true inspiration to all athletes and a blur-er of the line between the athletic capabilities of men and women, stormed to 8.18.13 including a 2.44 marathon.  She finished 5th overall (i.e. including the men!) and took the women's title by well over 30mins.

Can't wait to see what she does at Kona this year.

Andreas Raelert bested Vanhoenacker's 10-day old record by over 4minutes.  His time of 7.41.33 included a 4.11 bike and 2.40 marathon.

To put that in to perspective, he cycled 180km, 2mins faster than I cycled 120km, awesome.

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