Sunday, 24 July 2011

Less than 1 week

That's right, and I'm all excitement!

Live and Learn
Woke up Friday feeling better, 45min cycle and 30min run, of course I was feeling great afterwards.  But, once sat at my desk, the tiredness struck.  Struggled a bit through the day, headed home, quick dinner and off to bed.  I had the sense to cut training short on Thursday, but not enough to sleep in on Friday.  Ok, lesson learned (hopefully).

The Weekend
Saturday morning, my throat was at its worst, but I was feeling better and 2hr bike and 30min run cleared the throat right up.  Post training, straight to bed, 60min sleep and woke up refreshed.  Off to the cycle cafe to watch Cadel Evans become the first Aussie to take the Tour de France and back home for rest and early to bed.

I rose on Sunday feeling good all around, slept in until 7, 60min cycle on the turbo trainer then into the sun for 60min run.  Both felt incredibly strong, I can't wait for next week.

The Dilemma
To go hard or stick to the goal time?  The more tapering progresses, the stronger I feel and the more I question if beating 11hrs and 30mins is too easy a target?  'Surely if all goes to plan, I'll be closer to if not under 11hrs.  Do I push the bike harder?  Or, save it and start the run strong?'

These thoughts take me back to my first marathon in LA where my target was 3hrs 30mins, roughly 8min miles.
- first 5miles, 'This is great, feeling strong, 7.15min miles, let's bank the time now, I may need it later.'  
- miles 6 to 15, 'Wow, not a matter of hitting 3hrs 30, but by how much will I beat it?!?'
- somewhere around mile 19 a mix of jog/walk, 'Can I finish? Won't get 3.30, but have to finish'
- last 6miles still a jog/walk, 'Definitely underestimated this, lesson learned for next one.'
- stumbled across the line at 3.45, not bad for a marathon debut, but duly noted the marathon demands more respect

Reliving that day and not to show any disrespect to ironman, I'll stick with the target time, 11.29.59, no more, no less.

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