Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ironman Record

Right, remembered what I wanted to say.  Last weekend, Marino Vanhoenacker of Belgium put down a 7:45:58 ironman in Austria (known for being a flat and fast course), besting the previous record by over 4mins, wow!  And to put it into perspective, here are the splits:

Swim 3.8km - 46.49
Bike 180km - 4.15.37
Run 42km - 2.39.24 (that's a sub-2.40 marathon after the bike and swim, jaw-dropping)

Promising news on the American front, Mary Beth Ellis produced a women's course record, 8.43.34, and the all-time fastest debut ironman for a woman.

If you're looking for a PB, Austria is where you're likely to find it.

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