Saturday, 2 July 2011


Wow, was that rest worth it or what, had a great Sat session.

Met Alan at Regents Park, steady pace.  We crossed town to Richmond Park and after one lap we crossed paths with a guy who had a race tag from IM UK 70.3 (half ironman) a few weeks ago.  He seemed to want a challenge and using the 70.3 tag to assume he is also taking on the full race in a few weeks, we obliged the competition.  Three laps pushing the pace back and forth between the three of us, great fun.

Then I lost Alan somewhere (actually still don't know what happened, will have to give him a buzz after this) and decided to take the last lap to push the pace even harder.  So, nearly 5hrs into the session, I put the hammer down.  I was planning 12mins of hard effort, but when I hit 12mins realized lets keep pushing for a full lap, no sense in wasting 12min hard effort and not finishing with a 1lap pb.  Cleared the last lap in 18.20, 2mins faster than my previous best!  What a great feeling.

Came home at a moderate pace and carried the feeling into running, 13km in an hr, steady hr, great finish.

Time for more rest.

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