Monday, 4 July 2011

Less than 4 Weeks

Here we are, the summit, the pinnacle, the peak of the peak, the final week of increased work.

20hrs of SBR:
Swim - 3x3500m sessions
Bike - 10hrs across 4days with a 6hr session on Sat
Run - 7hrs across 5days finishing with a 3hr run on Sun

If this week is anything to go by, it's going to be as mentally challenging as physically, but by Sunday afternoon, I'll be better for it.

some weird baked bean eating contest
(no that's not me!)
Latest cravings
- Sprite/ 7up, I think it's the carbonation, maybe a bit of the sweetness, but I've been adding small doses to some post training drinks (not sure this is ideal)
- baked beans, loving'em with breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack (though not all in the same day!)

Bumps & bruises
- calf, still hurting.  At a point this week, I considered taking a day off to rest it b/c felt if it got any worse, it may turn into a more serious injury.  What did I do?  Kept running and iced it more.  So far it's paid off, calf is getting better, but not quite 100%.  It no longer hurts when I walk, slight pain when I begin running, but once I get going it wanders off.  Hoping extra icing today and rest tomorrow will put this pain to bed.
- IT band, an issue I've had when running marathons, a tight IT band causes pain in my knees (usually the left), and while the pain has not officially surfaced yet, I can feel it on the verge.  More foam roller
- wrists, getting used to aero position on the new bike means bending wrists in a way I've never done before.  Alan assures me this is normal and it'll go away.
- trapezius, sore not painful, also a result of getting accustomed to aero position


Nutrition & body comp
I've put on about a kg (2.2lb) in the last month or so.  I like to think it's muscle from the introduction of power lifting, but could also be from the massive increase in calorie intake (I've hit a 6000cal day!).  I'm seeing Freddy on Wed, so will report back on the outcome.

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