Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Training races

I've signed up for several races to get practice with the wetsuit, transition and nutrition strategies.

Eton SuperSprint (swim 400m, bike 20km, run 5km)
Sunday, May 15th
Set at Eton rowing lake near Windsor.  Swim in a rowing lake, cycle and run around the rowing lake.  Flat cycle/ run, a bit monotonous doing laps of the rowing lake, but a good way to kick-off the season.

swim start/ rowing clubhouse

laps of the rowing lake

the route

The Boskman (2.6km, 120km, 22km)
Sunday, June 5th
Distance roughly half-ironman, set in the New Forest, Hampshire, about 2hr train southwest of London.  Should be a good test for race nutrition and great for scenery.  Natsuko and I are turning it into a long weekend.  I'll go out on Friday for registration, Saturday racking bikes, Sunday race and Natsuko will join.  We'll spend Monday and Tuesday wandering the forest and hopefully taking in some sun.

lake swim

road ride through the park

and a bit of off-road trails
Windsor Swim (3km swim)
Sunday, July 3rd
3km swim in the Thames starting near Windsor castle, head away from London for 1.5km and then back.  Part of Speedo's new open water series of races around London.

Hampton Court Swim (3.6km swim)
Sunday, July 17th
2.25mi (3.6k) from Hampton Court Palace to Kingston.  Did it last year, it's a good time.

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