Sunday, 24 April 2011


Week 16 has been good.  A recovery week with reduced workload (13hrs sbr + weights), decent sleep, and a four day weekend!

Met with Freddy on Friday, weight relatively stable, body fat down to 7% and no loss of muscle and taking a week off of the supplements (given the reduced workload, time to start cycling on/off the supps).  Though, if lack of sleep continues, we may add some "pre-hab" supps to strengthen bones and joints to avoid injury.

Break through on my Saturday ride, lapped Richmond in 20:50 smashing previous best just below 22:30.  I  was feeling super-focused when I started in East London and still good when I entered the park.  I took that focus and worked a harder than normal, though nowhere near Z4 effort.  Helping the quick time was my first descent of the hill at the back end without tapping the breaks.  As mentioned previously, too much speed scares me, but it's time to man-up, deep breath and just let it go (I hit 78km/ 49mi an hour, or so the Garmin says).

Almost forgot, SUN!  A most amazing week of weather, and for the first time in my life, I feel ok running without a shirt hoping to get rid of my London skin tone.

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