Thursday, 21 April 2011

Halfway mark

Hard to believe we're in week 16, just beyond halfway in the program. Below is a list of how my performance and life have changed.

- much smoother, down to 36-37 strokes per 50m lap, was around 40 before
- loving 50m pool, sessions seem to go faster than in 25m pool and counting laps is easier

- never having trained properly for cycling, my legs are much stronger and my pedalling is now more circular momentum than push/ pull
- dropped average lap at Richmond from above 24min to about 22:30 and looking to get better
- more knowledge of how to cycle, target 90rpm's, fluctuate between 80-100 depending on up or down hill, better cornering (but more improvement on technical aspects needed), losing less momentum when grabbing for water bottles, faster at changing a tire,

- running similar pace as before at lower heart rate

- more confident than ever and growing with each session
- more moody (when I miss a session) and sometimes less patient
- more aggressive (generally I go with the flow, but not in training, don't get in my way!)

- by far the best shape of my life
- weight fluctuates daily between 60-62kg (132-137), 60 in the morning or post-workout and 62 fully fed and hydrated
- officially size small and 28" waist
- just as much energy, if not more, than before (as long as I get 6-7hrs sleep at night!)
- burning more calories on similar heart rate as previous (e.g. higher output at the same HR)

- switched to decaff coffee (caffeine is good for endurance athletes, can focus the body on burning fat, but like any drug, the more you have the more your body grows immune, so caffeine reserved for training)
- much more meat and protein (need to maintain the muscle I do have)
- more sweets (as Freddy says, "there are no bad foods, all depends on when you eat them around your training", high fat foods good for depleted state training)

- 6am is the new norm and 730am is the new 'sleep-in'
- weekday showers are 3mins (including dry time)
- not enough time to shave for work every day, down to every two or thee days

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