Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Peak

VALENCIA!  Long weekend with Natsuko: beach, parks, paella, tapas, churros and of course, running.

Parque de la Turia, old river bed converted into
a park running through the center of Valencia,
trails for 20+ km

well-groomed routes

and a bit off-road

Valencia's bike system, the closest I came to cycle training

Penguins at the aquarium, closest I came to swim training

Great trip.  Got all my cycle and one swim session early in the week before leaving for Spain and did all the running in El Parque de la Turia, brilliant trails.  Back pain came back!?!  But chatted with the pharmacist, she gave me some gel and it worked, two days and the pain was gone, PHEWWW!

Came back feeling a bit lazy after over-eating and missing two swim sessions but sometimes a bit of a break is good.

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