Saturday, 16 April 2011

Great Saturday

Up at 7am and after my quickest organizing for a long bike yet, I was on the road by 7.30.  4hrs cycle followed by 30min run, I was stoked for the session ahead.

Not sunny for my ride,
but a good rep of how I'm feeling today

Before setting off, I decided to take the day at an easier pace than normal.  Usually I push the top end of Z2 HR, but today, I decided not to worry about training, Ironman or if I was working hard enough, I just wanted to ENJOY being out with my bike.  This mentality gave the session a different feel.  I stuck to good technique but checked my HR as little as possible, and took in the surroundings through central London, along the Thames, through Westminster and Chelsea's back roads finally downtown Richmond and out to the Park where bicycles rule the road frustrating hurried drivers as we ride 2, 3 and sometimes 4 across and passing cautious drivers that can't keep up with our pedalling.

The first two hours passed like nothing, gone as quickly as a sneeze the rushes out of nowhere.  Shortly after two hours, I ran into Alan (not literally).  He was supposed to be working but had a cancellation, and as he was still dragging from a 100+ mile ride the previous Saturday,  he joined me in my quest to simply enjoy time on the bike.  It was a good catch-up, chatting for most of the next 90mins, made the ride that much better.  Shortly after 3hrs, I parted ways with my training partner and the park and headed back east.  

Home in what seemed like the blink of an eye, running shoes on and back out for 30min run.  Again, just enjoying the run and by now, the sun was out!

Covered a total of 70miles, 66cycle and 4run, it was a brilliant morning/ early afternoon.

Quick stretch, shower, recovery meal and off to Natsuko and Tammy's Yoga for Japan.  A day of yoga where all proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims of Japan's earthquake, tsunami and now nuclear disasters.

As Tammy took us through the opening stretch, deep down I was worried.  4.5hrs of training followed by vinyasa/ flow yoga, not sure I could manage, but it's for a good cause, so I thought I'd try my best.  As we got into the flow, pose to pose, I could feel my legs and core loosening up.  With each movement, a pop here or stretch there and the struggle that I expected never came about.  The final relaxation pose was on us, and I was feeling at my best: clear mind, muscles awake, energy alive.

Bus ride home and now hanging out with Natsuko doing work and blogging knowing that all is right in my world.

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