Monday, 25 April 2011

Week 17

Fresh from a four day weekend filled with vitamin D and caught up on sleep, I'm ready for the week ahead, mainly because it includes our first holiday out of London since training began!  Natsuko and I are off to Valencia, Spain, on Friday for four and a half days of chillin out, beach, national parks and of course, for me, training in a new locale.

Realizing I may not get everything in this week, I have re-arranged days to get all of the cycling done before we go to focus on swim and run while in Spain.  Training in new locations is always great, uncertain, but offers a chance to meet new people and maybe make a new friend or two.

Separate note, further to the "Team" post thanking those involved for advice and encouragement, I want to include Rob.  We swam together growing up, and he went on to competitive swimming at university before turning to tri and completing his first Ironman in Florida last year.  His experience and training advice for someone coming from a swim background has been worked into Fink's plan so I can hopefully avoid the issues Rob had.  Cheers

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