Friday, 8 April 2011

What a Friday

Up at 4am after 3hrs sleep, 2hrs of work then off to the pool for 3000m time trial.  Because of the lack of sleep, I decided beforehand not to push the pace, just finish the 3000m.  Somewhere around 2000m I felt a bit light headed, arms weakening, body line no longer a line and generally not feeling well.  The first time through these 14 weeks I felt maybe I'm pushing too much, 'but if you stop now, could start Friday on a bad foot.'

So, slowed the pace, more focus, and pushed through it.  Finished feeling triumphant in a time of 53min which isn't too bad all things considered.

There was not time, and I was certainly in no mood for the 60min run (including 7.5min Z4 effort) in the morning, so postponed to the evening.

Luckily, it was a beautiful day in London, and the sun was still out strong when I got home around 6.30.  Feeling rough (probably lack of sleep), but conned myself into a "start easy and see how it goes" run, downed a caffeinated gel, filled my sports drink and off I went into the sunshine.  Legs tired, but not a bad start, again, just taking it easy.

About 10-15mins in my legs were loosening up, but still too hazy to gather a decent pace.  25mins in, the caffeine must have kicked in, and I started to feel better topped by sub-5min/ km (sub 8min/ mi) pace at a 135HR.  Gained a bit of mental strength which fed my body which improved performance which drove more mental focus (there's that wonderful upward spiral I've referred to before!).  At 35min, I decided the 7.5min Z4 had to happen.  So, as scheduled, when the clock struck 45min, I took off, and what a pace, covered 2km in the 7.5min hard effort (if maintained would reach approx. 19min 5k).  Exhausted, but done, a good week, didn't miss any SBR sessions.

As the title suggests, what a couple of sessions, what a day and what a week.  While not my best performances, these are the training days that will give me an arsenal to reach for when times get tough on race day.  As I often say to myself on days/ weeks like this, 'I don't live in my successes nor measure myself by achievements.  Live in the lessons learned from battling through difficult situations and measure yourself in improving from failures.'

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