Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Trough

Returned from Valencia mid-day on Tuesday and was planning to swim then run then relax.  But work had a different idea.  Thought we were past blogging about work? Uh, no.  Ended up working most of Tuesday afternoon into the evening and missed Tuesday's training, not happy about it.

Wednesday working until midnight, Thursday until 2.30am and Friday until 8.30.  I made the bike/ run on Wed and swim and bike on Thur but missed the swim and half the run on Fri, not a great way to come back to training after lazy-ing my way through the long weekend.

Woke up Saturday in a poor mood and to top it off, for the first Saturday morning in at least 3 months, it was raining.  Supposing I need some practice in the rain, I set-off on the mentality that I'd do the 4hrs but probably not push much.

'By the end of this, the sun will be out and your foul mood will pass.'  This rang through my head as I pedalled along the Thames.  Reached Richmond in a standard time, about 45mins, despite lacking effort, lifted my spirits a bit.

On the first lap, I recognized a fellow cyclist from the gym.  We struck up a conversation which was quite refreshing.  He's from US, also training for triathlon and his weak link is also the bike.  We chatted for a good 30mins before parting and without realizing it, my mental state had lifted, and I was cycling at a decent pace, 22min laps.  One more time around and I bumped into Alan, what a surprise!  Another distraction from my negative thoughts.  By the time we were done catching up, I was just over 3hrs, in good spirits and the clouds were parting (training cures all!).

As I exited the park for home, I could feel my legs were exhausted, done, fin.  They managed to get me home, slip into my runners and jell-o'ed their way out the door.  45min run made the total session 4hr 45mins, my longest single day so far.  I focused on short, quick strides (as recommended in the recent issue of Triathlon Plus) and managed a good pace nearly clearing 10km.

In summary, the week was terrible, 12hrs of sleep, too much work and not enough training.  How to get out of that slump?  Nearly 5hr session covering 125km (78mi) in total, a long stretch and relaxing evening at home.  Positive outlook is back and ready for the next session.

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