Monday, 30 May 2011

Week 21 in review

Less than 10 weeks to go, into the peak training phase, crazy.

The week started out tough with a bad stomach on Tuesday but improved from there.  Effort and performance was better through the rest of the week including a 3500m test swim on Friday which I finished in 63mins.  Not bad, needs some improvement, but a good indication that I'm not too far from where I want to be.

Still windy in London, which made for another hard cycling weekend, but this time I was in a better frame of mind.  Neither Saturday or Sunday were a struggle to finish, I felt strong and saw the wind as a new training partner pushing me that much harder.  Like everything else in life, this wind is relative and with the right mental attitude can be turned positive.

Met with Freddy, body comp a bit improved, fat % just below 7%, with no push to go any lower.  If it happens it happens, the important thing is not to lose any weight from here (still fluctuating between 60-62kg depending on hydration and eating).

New favorite weekend snack, smoked salmon and cream cheese.  100g salmon, about 100g full fat cream cheese, 420 calories/ minimal carb/ 30g protein/ 33g fat


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