Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Yes, that's how I feel (and it's everything I hoped for!).

Morning swim was challenging, lats were exhausted and this was the first session beyond 3000m, so I assumed it was the extra distance.

Later came the evening run, and from the first steps I could feel the effects of Sunday's race.  I never thought a super sprint would have such lasting impact.  15min in, legs were as loose as they were going to get, so let the sprints begin.  4x4.5min sprint with 1.5min jog in between.  Given my muscles felt heavy, I thought it would be a good idea to push harder than any previous session.  Off I went, full effort, dodging tourists and school groups meandering along the Thames.  After two sprints, that feeling began to creep into my stomach and throat.  You know, when you work so hard your stomach gets pissed, throws a tantrum and out comes breakfast and lunch.  On I went, thinking this is the best session of my 20 weeks, the only thing that would make it better is the undeniable proof of my extreme effort as evidenced by what I might leave in the closest rubbish bin I could find.

I tried and tried, pushed harder than ever, finished the 4th sprint, pain but held myself together.  A bit let down but happy with the effort, I finished the 60min on the doorstep of the gym for follow-on core and weights.

There is no better feeling than exhaustion screaming from every fiber of your body.  It's proof training was good today and you know tomorrow you'll wake up stronger physically and mentally because of it.

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