Monday, 27 June 2011

Week 26

19.5hrs of SBR, about 1hr of weights, countless hours of stretching and even more sleep.

30mins more than last week, and I'm looking forward to every moment.  With only three weeks (including this one) until taper begins, I will definitely take advantage of the final push.

I signed up for an open water swim on Sunday but don't think I'll make it.  I had planned to take Friday off work and re-arrange training to make the swim, but with a work and social event on Friday (yeah, that's right, a social event!) it won't work.  Thankfully, I signed up for another open water swim on July 17th when my training hours will be less and the sessions can be more easily inter-changed.

Other than the most training I've ever done in a week, 26 presents a challenge of a different kind, I am without my partner!  That's right, Natsuko is in Berlin for the week studying/ practicing Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, so I have to get her smiles, advice and support in small skype doses.  The first issue I've run into is a reduced willpower against overeating.  Subconsciously, her presence focuses me on the true purpose of food, something we both love but only in quantities necessary to nourish the body and support daily activity.  She left last Friday, and I partook in a late-night binge of unnecessary calories on both Fri and Sat night (weetabix, fruit, yogurt, pita and peanut butter).  Sunday was fine, but today again, I find myself fighting a part of my brain that wants to eat for the sake of eating.  The best thing to do in this situation: brush my teeth and go to bed.

Eat for the sake of it: 2
Willpower: 2
Three nights until she returns, hopefully willpower can take the series.

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