Sunday, 19 June 2011

24 in review

An odd week for me.  I took my first self-prescribed rest day.

Wednesday was morning swim and evening bike to run transition.  The pool is getting aggressive: more crowded now that it's warmer, less people following the un-written rules of lap swimming and many clearly ignoring the sign at the end of the lane, "FAST SWIM".

Thursday was morning swim 3500m time trial and evening cycle.  The time trial was a struggle: no clear swimming until 2000m, got dizzy/ headache around 2500m (think goggles were too tight), lane got crowded again at 2800m, wanted to quit at 3000m but conned myself into thinking the swim was actually going well.  Little did I know, I was right finishing in 61mins, two mins faster than the previous time trial!  Was a great start to the day.

Friday, unanticipated rest day.  Was overly tired at 5.45am when I got up to swim plus had some work I needed to get done by 11am, so back to bed until 7, shower and straight to work.  After a full day in the office, I had some prep for this weekend's surprise (blog coming soon!), bagged the evening run and spent time in the work shop.  Yes, Friday night I was feeling very lazy, a whole day without training, and I didn't even have an excuse.  I just kept telling myself I'd make up for it during Saturday's 6hr+ session.

Saturday was brilliant.  Spent the first few hours of the 5hr cycle beating myself up mentally (likely a guilt-hangover from skipping Friday) but once that was out of my system, the ride felt good and went by quickly.  Transition to 60min run and was feeling great!  13km (8mi) in 60min at a heart rate at or below 150bpm, all good stuff.

Sunday another great day.  Out the door by 6.30, bike and run under the sun, followed by yoga with Natsuko, done before 12, time to eat, blog and nap.  The week was physically and mentally exhausting and the increased training week on week means I'm spending the rest of the day between the couch and bed.

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