Sunday, 26 June 2011

25 down

And the weeks keep ticking by.  Another good weekend with Planet-X and the sun.

I stuck to the training schedule this Friday and even got in a power lift/ core session after the evening run.  I'm enjoying power lifting (3 sets of 3-5rep max of squat, cleans, clean and press, etc.) b/c it's a change from the long distance, moderate pace training for SBR.  I super-set it with core and finish the full work-out in about 20mins (of course that's after 90mins of run).

Saturday was the first long ride with the new bike (last Saturday I stopped at home and switched bikes halfway through), and it was everything I could ask for.  The bike is built for speed and when in the aero position, it begs you to pick up the pace without making your legs struggle.  Yesterday was also my first century ride (100mi/ 160km) which was cool.  Transition to run was not as smooth as last week.  I covered just over 7miles and felt more sluggish, but Saturday isn't about run, it's all about bike.

Sunday, the hottest training day so far.  Out on the bike by 7, air was noticeably warmer than usual.  Then, almost in tandem with my transition to run, the clouds cleared and sun was in full force.  I spent the first 45mins chasing the sun, dodging shade to work on my tan but realized just how hot I was climbing Highate hill in 27C (81F) (maybe that doesn't sound high, but remember, I've done most of my training in 20C/ 68F or lower).  Once into Hampstead Heath, I stuck to the wooded trails enjoying the shade and loving the off-road challenge.

The rest of Sunday was difficult to get hydration back to normal, so let's hope race day doesn't get this warm.

146mi (234km) covered over Sat and Sun.  Enjoyable? YES.  But, I'm glad I don't have to sit on a bike until Wednesday.

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