Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Inspiration of the Ironman-kind

*DISCLAIMER: graphic bike accident, don't read if you're squeamish

Ironmanlife: Jordan Rapp is back

The last thing Jordan Rapp remembers about March 23 was that he was riding really fast. He was down on his aero bars, flying along the road with the wind behind his back. He doesn't remember when he got hit by the car. He has no recollection of naval officer Tom Sanchez rushing to his side as blood poured from his neck. He doesn't remember Sanchez reaching into his neck and finding something pulsing there and pushing down on it.

“You’re going to be OK,” Sanchez kept saying, not really believing it himself. Rapp only came around two days later because of the pain he felt when they were taking his breathing tube out.

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