Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Six weeks remaining until the big day.  (I'm actually anxious typing that out!)

Training rolls on with just over 19hrs of SBR this week.

SWIM - 10.5km across 3 sessions (Tue, Thu, Fri)

BIKE - 9.5hrs in 4 sessions, longest is 5.5hrs

RUN - 6.5hrs in 5 sessions, longest 2.5hrs

Aches n Pains
- left calf: slight pain shooting up the left side from the ankle.  I'm not sure pain is the correct term, feels a bit like tendonitis, annoying but not 'painful' enough to stop.
- back: another shooting pain from the very lowest part of my back down my glutes and into the legs.  This comes about on long bike rides and usually goes away before long.
- groin: the muscles are overly tight, it's funny because it never affects running or cycling but gets my attention when walking

Looking forward to saturday and getting out on the new bike again!

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