Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Solid Base

On week nine now, and I haven't made clear what I do on a daily basis.  Here's an outline of the base phase of the program:

MONDAY - rest day, nice long stretch session in the morning
TUESDAY - morning swim (2500m), run to work (30-60min), evening core and upper body weights (30-45min)
WEDNESDAY - morning transition session, cycle (45-60min) to run (15min), evening yoga
THURSDAY - morning swim (2500-3000m), evening high RPM bike session (45-60min)
FRIDAY - morning run to work (30-60min), core and lower body weights (30-45mins)
SATURDAY - cycle (90-180mins)
SUNDAY - run (45-90min)

DST - typically done Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
"Weights" - typically more plyometrics than proper weight training

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