Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Lido swim update

Great swim this morning, technique felt good and pull was strong.  Hovering around 90seconds per long course 100m at 70-75% effort.  Next step is to break the 90sec barrier.

Introduction of two Lido characters:

Red - a true animal in the pool.  Just shorter than me, probably weighs seven or eight kilos more with a similar body fat %, a bad-ass tattoo and red speedo.  As I stroke along at 90sec 100m's, this guy eases past me, and he just keeps swimming.  I don't think he does a predetermined set, he just gets in the water and swims for 30-40mins.

TATA - another strong morning swimmer that breezed past me a few times today.  No tattoo, but his swim cap is from the TATA ITU London tri.

I haven't introduced myself to either of these guys (remember I said meet and latch on to the people who can already do what you're striving for) but will keep you posted.

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