Sunday, 27 February 2011

Weekend Eight

I finally got my bike on the road Saturday.  Every session I've done so far has been indoors, either the gym or turbo trainer at home.  The tri gods want me on the road, so they pit my computer against my turbo trainer and the two are no longer speaking.  This forced something I've known needs to be done, more time on the road.

It was a brilliantly wet and chilly morning that reminded me of the differences between reality and virtual reality riding.  One moment in particular was when I hit the concrete.  

No, don't worry, I wasn't going fast, in fact I was not moving at all.  I pulled up to a red light, tried to unclip my left foot, nothing doing, leaning left, panic sets in, one last attempt and finally too late, boom!  "Hey, mate, you alright?" a fellow biker was kind enough to ask as I dusted myself off, "Yeah, I'm ok, thanks." 'Just a shot to the ego.'  A few pedals later, a big grin came across my face, a bit of laughter and finally I went from idiot laying on the rode to guy laughing hysterically as he rides through Highbury (hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, you're not enjoying life).

Sunday was a one hour run through a sun-filled North London.  Nothing major to report, left hip a bit stiff from the fall, but all-in-all a good run.

I've now caught up on some much needed sleep (but just in case, I'm off for a nap soon!) and ready for the week ahead.

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