Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week 12 in review

Another week of peaks and valleys.

Tuesday began with a great swim and run including 5min z4 (sprint) effort which gave me a kick to start the work day.  Also received new calorie targets, and yes, I got ahead of myself with the 4000 calories a day.

Calorie intake/ Training
Monday - 2000 roughly 45:40:15 mix carb, protein, fat ("even mix")/ rest day

Tuesday - 3000 even mix/ swim, run and weights

Wednesday - 2200 even mix/ bike to run and yoga

Thursday - 3200 carb heavy/ swim and cycle

Friday - 3200 high carb and low fat/ swim, run and weights

Saturday - 3850 high protein and fat (good fats, i.e. avocado, nuts, cheese)/ long bike to run

Sunday - 2800 even mix but slightly higher fat/ short bike to run

Have implemented the plan, all is well on the consumption front.

Wednesday missed the yoga session because of working late, Thursday working late and by Friday, work had me in a severe valley.  Lots of work, pressure and stress.  The first time in my working life that I turned work away, the first time I physically or mentally couldn't tolerate an all-nighter to finish everything, the first time.  With it all boiling over, I was glad a friend had booked his birthday dinner for 5.30pm, and with the strike of 5pm, I headed for the weekend.  Working late this Friday wasn't going to happen and anyway, it wouldn't have been productive in my mental state.

Woke up Saturday still in a lull from the week and took to Richmond park with Alan.  A few laps at 22mins (all around my pb time!) was exactly what I needed.  A post-cycle run and I was back on track.

The weekend only got better from there as Natsuko and I finally had a full weekend together!  She's been taking a yoga teacher training course on the weekends but had this weekend off.  Saturday dim-sum lunch at Imperial China (highly recommended) and dinner at a friends'.  Today was full of sun, morning run and cycle, afternoon at the Towpath Cafe and Columbia flower market and evening watching a film.

Chilled out and rested, I'm ready for week 13.

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