Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Time for a change, Build Phase

Hard to imagine but 10 weeks have passed and I'm now in to the build phase.  Main changes: increase to three swim sessions per week, addition of training in heart rate zone 4 and inclusion of run on previously bike only Sat and bike on previously run only Sun.

Monday - rest and long stretch day

Tuesday - morning swim (3000-3500m), run (45-60mins) with some z4HR effort, core and upper body weights

Wednesday - morning bike (45mins) to run (30mins) session, evening yoga

Thursday - morning swim (3000-3500m), bike (60-90mins) with some z4HR

Friday - morning run (60-75mins) with some z4HR effort, core and legs session, evening swim (3000-3500m)

Saturday - bike (2.5-4hrs) to run (15-45mins) session, bike session to include some z4HR

Sunday - bike (30-75mins) z1HR/ high RPM, run (60-120mins), these don't have to be back-to-back (YAY for carbo-loading between sessions!)

Also, planning to do an olympic distance tri toward the end of the build phase.  This will give me additional race practice with the transition and racing techniques which I've been practicing.

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