Thursday, 17 March 2011

Some inspiration and the LIDO!

Mark Cavendish, arguably the fastest road cyclist on earth, put it perfectly, "If you look back then you're stopping yourself from properly going forward... I never really think about what I've achieved because there's just so much more I want to achieve."

Finally back swimming at London Fields lido: 50m, open air and start from 6.30am, brilliant.  Also a different group than you get at a typical community pool.  It gets me going when someone breezes by me in the pool, which happened a lot this morning.  It reminds me of a very important lesson, the best way to improve is to find someone who can do or has accomplished what you want and train with them, hang out with them, ask'm questions, take it all in, think how what works for them can work for you and apply it.

Morning fog rising into the frigid air,
a great way to start any day.

and a summer pic

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