Saturday, 12 March 2011

Most challenging week yet

As mentioned, work has gone wild, but this week was another level.

Monday - (0 training/ 9.5hrs work) standard day, evening client meeting at their office meant I was home by 8pm, dinner and bed

Tuesday - (3hrs training/ 11hrs work) good morning swim and decent run to work.  With plenty of work going on, we find out there is a new transaction that needs to be approved by early next week, so we divi the work, put the other five plus projects on hold and while I got in all the training sessions, my work day lasts till 11, asleep just after midnight

Wednesday - (1.25hrs/ 12hrs) up at 6, bike to run session, feeling strong and ready for the day, 11.30 at night and still at work, brain fried, time to go home, get some rest and I made the conscious decision to skip the morning swim because making it meant less than 5hrs sleep and probably wouldn't be good training the way I was feeling

Thursday - (1.25hrs/ 14hrs) Up at 6.30, in to work early, missing the morning session and negative thoughts cloud my brain, 'how could you miss this swim session, maybe your just not cut out for this', not sure what I ate but feeling bloated throughout the day, 'Maybe my nutrition plan is all wrong.  Miss a session and nutrition going wrong', 5pm time for a break from staring at this computer screen, down to the gym for a 75min high rpm session, focus just not there, struggling, Ironman hopes collapsing all around me.  Back to my desk til 1am and finally my work is in a place to be able to present to my manager

Friday - (1hr/ 10hrs) another 6.30 morning, 60min run, first 10mins ok, next 25 a struggle as I sensed a lack of sleep and lack of glycogen (similar feeling to DST training, though this wasn't a DST session!), and final 25mins picked up as my mind/ focus recuperated but the pace was still slow.  Finished work at 6.30, skipped the core and leg session I usually do, home by 7.30 and asleep by 8.

All tallied 6.5hrs of training (excludes warm up/ cool down, stretching and preparing), 56.5hrs of work and the widest emotion range of any week yet.  I slept a ton on Friday night and while not fully recovered, I'm well on my way.

The sun was out in force today, which made training that much better.  Here's to tomorrow's scheduled session and possibly a makeup swim session (Coach says if you miss a session, just skip it, don't force it into another day's schedule, but I think a nice slow swim will be a good way to end the week).

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