Saturday, 5 February 2011

Not a Normal Saturday Morning

Twelve noon, still no workout.  Brain and body aching for some exercise, feels like my day can't begin without it.

Alan and I agreed to run together at 4.30 this afternoon, so no morning exercise.  But given my schedule over the last five weeks, it's a funny feeling to wake-up and not train.  Any change from the scheduled routine causes a bit of anxiety (oh no, how do I adjust the eating schedule, how will late afternoon training today affect morning cycle tomorrow, etc.).

In the end, a slight change in plans is normally a good thing. This time: I get to catch up with a friend, don't have to train alone, a change of pace or time of day keeps the body and muscles more fresh, where we are meeting is hilly so more hill training and I seem to have gotten a lot done this morning.

A few deep breaths, think through the changes to the schedule (which are actually quite minor in the grand scheme) and looking forward to a good session this afternoon.

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