Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just Get Going

Today was difficult.  Monday was stressful at work (which is a good lead in to the next blog on my daily office adventures) which carried over to Tuesday morning.

At the pool by 6.30, I was not 100% focused which led to more struggling with the water than swimming through it.  My mind wandered between work and technique, but I completed the set, 2500m, on to the next session.

As I changed into run gear, my thoughts drifted to the most dangerous of places, 'maybe I'll take the train to work instead of running and that will allow my mind to settle.'  As soon as I realized that some part of my brain was trying to deviate from schedule, the response was, 'get the running shoes on and get out on the road, everything will sort itself out as long as you get going.'

How right I was.  After 20mins of heel stomping my way along Regent's Canal, my mind relieved itself of thoughts of work and 40mins of smooth running later I was at the office and simply feeling to proud of the morning's accomplishment to be stressed about anything.

A quick shower, shirt and tie and I was feeling great, ready to take on the day.

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