Monday, 21 February 2011

What a Run

Saturday was a long-run with Alan, an 1:45 which is the farthest I've run in a while (maybe the last marathon in October is the last time I ran over 90mins).

Through half way I was feeling great, my steps even felt easier as we turned for home.  Twenty minutes later was not great, not even good.  As we continued stride-by-stride, I was doing my best to stay mentally focused, 'one step at a time, each step brings me one closer to finishing.'  That is how I spent the last 30mins or so, aching to see the steps that would lead us off the canal and back to where this all began.

We made it back, and I plopped down in the first chair I found.  Thoughts were running wild as I tried to re-gain my composure.  After a few minutes, I was finally tuned in again and I remembered back to some advice on DST, "it's not easy, in fact, difficult only begins to describe it."  After a few DST sessions, I finally grasped that difficulty.  An hour or so was not bad, but this 1:45 was a new experience.

A protein shake, salmon salad and quick shower later, and I was back to normal, though exhausted.

This brings us to the second DST session of the weekend, 2:30 on the bike.  Not nearly as difficult as the run on Saturday, but my speed and power began to wane around 1:45.  I was struggling to meet the target 90rpm while maintaining a relatively low heart rate.  I accepted the situation and was ready to sink to the state of the previous day's run when something happened.  Yeah, leg's picking up, heart rate solid, feeling strong!

The last 15mins were almost as good as the first!  It was a brilliant way to end week 7.

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