Sunday, 23 January 2011

Week Three

Eight hours of sbr, one hour of core and weights, and about five hours of stretching.  Feeling great.  Back is 100% thanks to mr. foam roller (maybe my greatest ally, see video below), the weather has remained unseasonably warm and 7am is now considered sleeping in.

S - can feel stroke improving (water grab is more efficient, body roll more controlled and recovery is more relaxed) and in the groove of swimming before work

B - pedal strokes becoming more "circles" than "push-pull" and able to stay comfortable in the aero bars for longer

R - pace has improved while maintaining low heart rate, sub 8min miles (sub 5min km) at 75% or lower of max HR

Rolling into week four, a week of reduced work (7hrs sbr) to help the body absorb the previous couple of weeks.

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