Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ironman UK: and it begins...

It's been a long time coming, Monday, January 3rd, is day one of the 30 week training program.

From almost 14 years of youth swimming, through the weight lifting/ partying days at university that saw me edging close to 200lbs (90kgs), to the post graduate life in NYC where athletics were a thought that could never pass partying on the to do list and finally a move overseas, a new outlook on life and priorities that allow me to take on endurance racing.

Now it's 30 weeks to July 31st and Ironman UK (swim 2.5mi/ 3.9km, bike 112mi/ 180km, run 26.2mi/ 42km).  The weeks are split into three ten week programs: base (6-11 hours per week), build (11-16) and peak (16-20).  These hours are swim, bike, run (sbr) training only, they don't include stretching, core, weights or yoga which I see as necessary complements.  Needless to say, all the effective time management tips you may have would be much appreciated!

My goal is to finish under 11:30 and a top 30 place in my age group (25-29).  Swim in 1:05, cycle 6:30, run 3:54, which totally hinges on my ability to improve my cycling.  Recently I've been able to average just under 17mph on a decently hilly 50 mile ride.  To hit the 6:30 goal, I need to add another mile per hour to my speed and keep that pace for 112 miles.  As for the swim, I recently finished a 2.25mi (3.6km) swim in 55 minutes with minimal training.  I figure add 300m and a transition, and I should be on the bike by 1:05.   Finally the run, with a hilly marathon best of 3:19, I'm hoping an extra 35 minutes is enough cushion after 114 miles of work.

This blog will keep you up to date on our trials and tribulations over the next seven months.  Now, the reference to "our" is deliberate, not a type-o.   Starting tomorrow this race will dominate my thoughts and daily schedule for 210 days impacting family, friends, co-workers and anyone I meet along the way.  It is with their love and support that I will be able to endure the challenge and cross that finish line in July.

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