Sunday, 9 January 2011

One Week Down...

and feeling good.  Today was a brilliant winter's day in London with cool fresh air to keep the body and lungs relaxed with the brightest of suns in the sky to light the city.  Great day for training.

Friday, however, was a struggle.  Up for 6, body was feeling tired (which surprised me considering it had only been four days!), but once I was moving, the world felt right again.  A brisk run along Regent's canal to the office is an ideal way to start any day.

I chalk the rough Friday morning up to the swim and cycle on Thursday, realize this is only the first week and in a few more, I'll be used to double sessions and more meters in the pool.

Saturday was a run through Vic Park and while it is a great place to train, once the sessions get longer, I'll be venturing to Hampstead Heath (the best park in London) for proper training with hills.

My back has been up and down all week, but still not painful, just tight muscles... yes, I'm still wearing heat pads.

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