Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Rest Day and Transition

So after a productive first day, Tuesday was time for a rest!  Yes, seriously.  The program is six days a week and it just so happens that the rest day this week fell on Tuesday (from now on, Monday will be the day of r&r).

Yesterday was also time to meet with the massage-therapist (once every three weeks).  People have said (and I found out through my back injury) that a massage therapist every couple of weeks is good for injury prevention and to ensure consistent performance.  Lucky me, there is a massage specialist at our work gym each Tuesday.  For clarity's sake, this is not your typical sauna-ed, scented candle-ed, fully relaxed trip to the spa.  The session focuses on pain.  Given the limited time, focus is on the most sore/ tight muscles, and using force to relax these is not a fun experience, but is necessary.  Having said that, yesterday was an easier session as we are still in week 1.

Today was the first transition session.  30min bike, transition to 15min run.  So, I packed a "transition" bag with my running gear and after the bike, followed the article by article changing plan (bike shoes off,  new socks on, running shoes on...) and took to the road.  It feels good to be on a program again.

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