Sunday, 21 August 2011

IM UK: Race Assessment

From every experience comes reflection, and here's what I take away from my time in Bolton.

- long strokes
- breathed to both sides
- sighted well

- conserved energy by sticking to the game plan
- hit my target nutrition strategy
- climbed well

- pushed through pain and ran/ jogged most of the way
- finished strong, final 11k in 50mins (4.5min per km/ 7.20 per mi)

- swim training, while the distance seemed extreme during training, paid off
- train more speed, can drop time with a more aggressive mindset (I was focused but didn't put in a major effort)
- train more open water and group swimming, need to learn drafting and get comfortable in a pack

- more power
- more downhill training, need to get comfortable handling at high speeds downhill
- less food overall (I think I over did the nutrition), more water and gel based strategy, less sport drink and bars

- see a doctor or dietitian to run tests/ provide advice on stomach issues (I have a feeling part of it or most of it is mental, so maybe a sports psychologist?)

- more mental prep/ visualization, I was hoping to add this in over the last few weeks as mileage declined but didn't have a chance as logistical planning took over
- high weight/ low rep weights sessions starting from early in the season, should help with power

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