Monday, 1 August 2011

11:32:21 - Ironman UK, 2011

An amazing experience.  140.6 miles that will stay with me and serve as motivation for the future.

Not quite at the 11.29.59 time goal, but close (about one second per mile close!) but finished 29th in my age group which is bang-on target (top 30).

One word for the swim, brilliant.  55.28, and with five and a half minutes in transition, I was on the bike in 1.01, four minutes faster than target.

Bike was good, felt strong but didn't let the excitement of the race run-away with my energy reserves.  Lots of climbing, which I loved, but mostly conserved for the run.  Bike done in 6hrs 22mins, again below goal time, plus four minutes in transition and I was on the run with eight minutes in the bank.

Run, not so great.  Running and stomach issues have gone hand-in-hand for me this year, and yesterday was no different.  Nine pit-stops and my stomach was settled enough to finish the last 10km in good form.  A marathon of 4.04 doesn't represent my overall fitness level, but it does represent my preparation (or lack there of) and readiness on the day.

On a positive note, once my stomach was stable (being a relative level of stability), I settled into a good pace, negative split-ing the marathon.

We'll explore the pre-race prep, full race details and post-race thoughts over the next week or so, but wanted to give a sneak peak asap after the race.

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